Svenska Foder is a supplier of feedstuff and agricultural and grain products for the provisions industry. Svenska Foders main concentration is to be a producer and a wholesaler with a well-extended net for distribution and sales. We operate in a customer-oriented organization where availability, efficiency and service are key words. We do also cooperate with 250 retailers around Sweden. The company have 323 employees and a company turnover of ca 4,7 billion SEK.
Our business concept is to offer competence and secure quality products for agriculture and food industry. We develop new products and services in fields of business nearby. Our keywords are profitability and efficiency.

The Svenska Foder Group includes a number of companies wholly or partly owned in order to expand the impact of the brand Svenska Foder.

The brands of Svenska Foder

Djur&Natur is a concept for feed and hygiene products designed for leisure – pets, horses, garden products, salt products.

Svenska Foder Energi deliver fuel and lubricates from the foremost oil companys.

Nomus Skadedjursbekämpning solves all types of problems with pests and insects. Nomus can also offer equipment for fire protection.

The owner of Svenska Foder

DLG is the largest agricultural supplier in Denmark and is the sole owner of Svenska Foder. The DLG Group supplies Danish farmers with feed from DLGs own factories, seeds, fertilizers, agricultural lime, plant protection and much more for the day-to-day operation. World wide the DLG Group has subsidaries in 27 countries. The DLG Group is also one of Denmark’s largest exporters of malting barley, seed grain, feed and milling grain, rape and feed peas and is via the Groups affiliated companies involved in – among other things – processing of crops and vegetables. The DLG Group has approximately 5,000 employees.

Short hand facts about Svenska Foder


DLG, Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab, owns 100 percent of the stocks in Svenska Foder AB.


Feed production, trading in grain and producing seed grain, selling fertilizers, plant protection and much more for the day to day activities for the farmer and other needs of the rural population – such as energy (fuel and lubricants etc.).


The agricultural parts of Sweden.

Share of the market

In the field of agriculture Svenska Foder has a share of about 20 percent of the total market in the intensive agricultural parts of the country.

Selling activity

About 60 specialist sales people are consultative and pay the customer/farmer direct visits.

Policy for quality, environment and working environment

Svenska Foder produce animal feed and market agricultural products and services in a responsible manner. We will have educated and responsible employees. Our products and services are going to live up to stated specifications and meet laws and other requirements. Svenska Foder contribute to a sustainable environment and create a good and secure working environment. We are working with the systems of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GTP, SAM and SAM.

Turn over 2015

About 4,7 Billion SEK


Carsten Klausen


323 employees


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